Legacy Machine Overhaul & Retrofit

Rebuild, Retrofit, Restore

They don’t make them anymore like they used to, but nothing runs forever. That’s where Jupiter comes in. Our veteran team of CNC electronics engineers, mechanical engineers, master scrapers, and millwrights can return your classic machine to its former glory.

We can also bring your cherished hardware into the 21st century with a new CNC control and drives package.

Before sending your distinguished G&L, Bullard, DeVlieg, or other such piece of American manufacturing history to the scrap heap give Jupiter a call about restoring your workhorse. You might be surprised with what all we can do for you! The only machines from that era still running are the great ones, and oftentimes just a little TLC will generate 20 or 30 more years of steady performance.

Call us today. Your competitors already are!

Legacy machine overhaul and retrofit is neither easy nor lucrative, but it’s deeply satisfying for those of us who love these classic machines. Each Jupiter project is a labor of love from start to finish, as these photos clearly show.

Case Study: DeVlieg 54K-72 Overhaul for Aerospace Customer

Before & After

This 54K-72 was in bad shape. Jupiter experts completely scrapped and replaced the pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical, and CNC systems. They completely disassembled and cleaned the machine, then hand-scraped all mating surfaces on the casting and flaked the table and rotary. New Rulon was applied to the ways and gibs. A new Fanuc 31i system and drives package was installed along with a customized oversized 4th axis motor to support heavier workpieces. This reborn DeVlieg will run for another 40 years without any trouble at all.