Engineering & Automation

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Jupiter routinely delivers turn-key engineering and automation solutions to manufacturers both large and small. Our engineers have performed modifications in place of existing production lines, installed 3rd-party production equipment, designed and delivered complete turnkey machining cells, and collaborated or consulted on projects for customers across the United States.

We’d love to show you examples of all of our successes, but almost all of our engineering and automation projects are subject to NDA.

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This automated cell replaced 10 man-operated VTLs with 1 Fanuc robot and 2 VTLs.
Labor savings in the first 24 months paid for the entire project.

Projects We’re Allowed to Talk About

This production line automatically installs cooling compressors inside refrigerated cooler tubs from below, eliminating the need for humans to lift the tubs and crawl underneath and drastically increasing throughput and screw insertion accuracy.