Jupiter Machine Tool Inc.

Jupiter Machine Tool Inc.

When #TeamJupiterMT decided we needed a tagline, we put our heads together to brainstorm ideas, and it all began with one word: Why?

Providing your why?

Articulating how our products and services exist in the world and how we add value to the lives of others is essential for any business.

In the corporate world, businesses tend to overuse certain words, words as quality, loyalty, and honesty.

We even make the same promises:

  • We will grow your business.
  • We work together as a team.
  • We strive for excellence.
  • Our success is your success.
  • Our customers are the most important people.
  • We have a strong company culture that can drive your business.

Isn’t company culture important to any business?

What is company culture anyway?

The list goes on and on…

But WHY?

Why do we want to do all of those things for the customer or product performance? That’s what we need to answer.

  • Why is quality important?
  • Why do we want to build a loyal customer base?
  • Why is honesty important?
  • Why is company culture influential?
  • Why do we want to help you grow your business?
  • Why do we go above and beyond to build quality CNC Machines?
  • Why do we have a passion for manufacturing or machining?
  • Why do we do what we do?
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What makes JupiterMT tick, and how do they stand out from the rest? There are larger companies in this industry making millions of dollars, and is money really what it’s all about?

Here is some honesty for you…

Of course, we want to make money in the whole grand scheme. Who doesn’t want their business to be successful and profit from that success?

What makes our team more committed than anyone else?


In finding the answer to that question, JupiterMT’s company tagline was born, and it all began with a vision.

Our Founder’s Vision

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Ray Whitehead’s vision involves passing down the knowledge he has gained working in this industry for 40 years to our future leaders to help close the skills gap. He wants to bring manufacturing back to America.

Since the 1980s, he has worked repairing, rebuilding, and overhauling CNC machines. We know what works and what doesn’t.

But how was he going to do this?

By building the perfect team, a team who shares the same values and beliefs and is committed to providing an innovative solution our customers benefit from in CNC machining. 

Remember when your mom told you, “you are what you run with?” The same is true for your team members.

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I am the newest team member and was impressed with my research of the company after being offered the position. More so than that, I came in to talk with my director, Luke Tankersley, about the job, and the first thing I noticed when he spoke was the excitement in his voice when he began explaining CNC Machines and, most importantly JUPITERMT’S CNC Machines.

Whether he meant to or not, he fanned the flames of desire for me to learn more.

I can relate to passion because when discussing marketing, I share the same excitement.

I knew right then that I wanted to become a member of the JupiterMT team.

Based on what I have seen in this company, our diversity is our greatest strength. Each of us is part of a greater whole who share a common thread:

We value who we are, where we have been, the knowledge we gained along the way, and the jobs we perform.

Which led us to this question:

Do we want to be a massive company with 3k employees, or do we want to be a company with a brilliant team? 

Just a few people, but people who are experts, enjoy their work, and are passionate?

That is the JupiterMT team, which also answers why company culture is so influential.

We hold ourselves to a higher standard by being accountable, transparent, and autonomous.

Transparency is a Must

The word honesty is so overused that it has taken the meaning from the word.

Even the word transparency sounds like corporate propaganda.

However, JupiterMT wants to take transparency to a new level because we take it seriously, which leads us back to the adage from mom. The JupiterMT team is composed of members who share the same values, therefore; we are a company with high ethical standards.

That is how we stand out from our competitors and what pushes us to provide quality CNC machines.

What does the word quality mean to our customers?

Our showroom floor has a horizontal machining center (HMC) that costs $210,660, that is a large amount of money for most of us.

If the HMC delivers to me exactly what I expected, and if it does, then I will use that same company the next time I spend that kind of money. As a consumer, I will even pay a higher price for a product I know will meet my expectations. Not only that, I want the process to be easy, which is why user experience is so important.

One day during our brainstorming session, I asked this question: When was the last time you had a good customer experience?

Everyone stopped and began thinking. We shouldn’t have to believe that long and would not want one of our customers to feel that long!

This question lead us to our discussion on user experience and customer autonomy and how both are equally important

User Experience and the Digital Age

The relationship between customers and brands has changed. Consumer expectations are continually rising, and much more of the customer journey is now self-directed across multiple channels. When they make contact, these ‘autonomous customers’ want fast, accurate service that minimizes the effort they need to make.

Autonomous customers share four key traits:

  1. They are digital natives; 75% say they constantly research products online.
  2. They have high expectations of the service and product they receive – and always want brands to be giving them more.
  3. They will deal with companies that make it easy for them to buy from – yet 62% said that the experience of dealing with brands was exhausting, and just 13% got their query resolved the first time.
  4. They are not automatically loyal and listen more to friends, family, and contacts on social media than brands when making decisions.

JupiterMt’s Growth and Development

We are constantly growing as a company, and because of this growth, we are continually improving our processes here at JupiterMT in all areas.

From accounting or service to sales and marketing to designing the machine itself and the relationships we have internally and externally, we are clear about remaining humble and always willing to do whatever it takes to take this company to the next level.

There is always room for improvement, and there is always something to learn. Technology advances at high speed, and each generation improves over the last.

If it feels like technology is accelerating, it probably is. 

Have you ever watched a CNC machine demo? If not, take the time to watch this short clip of our VMC 4022 make this bracket.


Having never worked in this industry previously, I am fascinated with our machines and what they are capable of doing.

The evolution of CNC machines is unique. Starting from a simple machine controlled with a punch card to a software-powered machine is enigmatic. Because of the development, CNC machining became faster, more precise, and more accurate than NC and the first CNC machine.

Continuous process improvement is necessary, and improving your performance should be standard practice for any employee. The most productive employees embrace technological change and actively seek learning opportunities.

 Workplace Autonomy and its Importance

 Let’s define autonomy.

It means self-governing. Autonomy is not just for personal relationships, it’s also essential in business relationships.

In the corporate world, autonomy means employees can do the job they were hired to do.

My director is better than yours.

He coaches instead of criticizes. Upper management at JupiterMT is undeniably the best regarding open and honest communication. Our team of experts listens to our suggestions and takes them seriously.

We have principles, not policies, and having principles means we gain trust. Trust deepens loyalty.

At #TeamJupiterMT, we care about our product, the services we provide, and customer success.

We care because we know they trust us, and because they trust us, it’s not ok to be “good enough.”

We value their trust and hold ourselves and what we do to a higher standard.

It’s not ok to be “good enough,” and that, my friends, is how our tagline was born.

When good enough, ISN’T.