Mill & Tap Excellence

Jupiter’s tapping centers are designed from the ground up for blinding speeds, extreme tolerances, and best-in-class value.

Our custom over-sized spindle bearings boost rigidity without sacrificing speed.

With traditional table or twin-pallet configurations, your new JTC will push your shop’s productivity to never before seen heights!

Unleash Your Milling & Tapping Potential

Every aspect of Jupiter’s tapping centers are optimized to provide peak manufacturing performance.

We know your customers expect nothing but the best from you. You deserve a premium CNC solution that will hold those tenths just as well on the millionth part as it did on the first one.

Whether you need small batch precision or fully-automated multi-pallet lights out production, there’s a Jupiter tapping center for you!

Double the Pallets, Double the Productivity

Thought multiple pallets were just for horizontals? Think again! You get two worktables for continuous throughput. With two pallets, blazing fast 2,362 ipm rapids, and up to 24,000 rpm spindles, Jupiter’s twin pallet tapping centers will turbo-charge your machine shop!

Thanks to the hard work of Jupiter’s engineers, these tapping centers take up only slightly more space than our competitor’s single pallet machines, yet allow you to continuously turn out part after part.

      SPEC UNIT JTC-2015 JTC-2816 JTC-2016T JTC-3022T
      Design Type Single Pallet Single Pallet Twin Pallet Twin Pallet
      Worktable Dimensions in 25.59 x 14.96 33.46 x 15.75 26.77 x 15.75 29.53 x 19.69
      Pallet Count 1 1 2 2
      Max Load lb 440 660 330 x 2 770 x 2
      Travel – X Axis in 19.69 27.56 19.69 29.53
      Travel – Y Axis in 14.96 15.75 15.75 21.65
      Travel – Z Axis in 15.75 15.75 13.78 19.69
      Spindle Nose to Table in 5.91 to 21.65 5.91 to 21.65 7.09 to 20.87
      Taper BT-30 BT-30 BT-30 BBT-40
      Drive Type Direct Direct Direct Direct
      Spindle Speed rpm 15,000 15,000 15,000 12,000
      Optional Speeds rpm 20,000 20,000 20,000 15,000
      Rapid Traverse ipm 1,890 1,890 2,362 2,362
      Cutting Feed Rate ipm 394 394 394 394
      ATC tools 20 20 24 30
      Overall Dimensions
      (L x W x H)
      in 64 x 85 x 93 83 x 94 x 93 63 x 106 x 108 137 x 110 x 114

      Not all configurations are available in all regions. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Please contact your Jupiter Machine Tool representative for current configurations.

      Jupiter Tapping Centers

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