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Jupiter Machine Tool believes that deep social engagement is equally as important as healthy commercial operations. With an economy rooted in manufacturing, a nation can be confident that its youth will grow up to enjoy fulfilling, rewarding, and long-lasting careers.

And yet due to limited budgets and technical capability, too often educational institutions are only able to acquire low-end or outdated equipment. When they should be preparing for future success, due to the poor quality of the materials on hand, the students are instead being set up for failure.

The Jupiter Education for Tomorrow Program (JET) is designed to provide first-class education and training on industry leading hardware at affordable costs.

JET is no money-maker and never will be. What it is, though, is an entryway to the wonderful world of manufacturing via challenging curriculum, high-performance machines, high-technology software and hardware platforms, and hands-on collaboration with proven experts.

Are you ready?

JET for Colleges

Intermediate and advanced machining principles, workholding, CMM, and manufacturing process design to fully prepare students for entering the modern manufacturing workforce.

JET for High Schools

Introductory machining principles, machine tool utilization, and CAD to build interest in and establish a strong foundation for future opportunities in manufacturing.

Become a JET Partner

Jupiter welcomes cooperation with all enterprises that share our passion for education and vision for developing the workforce of tomorrow.