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We Help You Stay On Top Of Your Game

Jupiter Machine Tool’s Design, Align, & Repair Division has more than 30 years of experience helping customers around the world get every last drop of performance out of their machine tools. JMT’s experts provide every aspect of your after-sales needs. From installation to relocation, alignment to verification, repair to rebuild, overhaul to retrofit and upgrade – Jupiter does it better, faster, and more affordably.

No matter the brand, no matter the configuration, JMT’s DAR Team can make it run better than it ever has before. How are we so confident? We’ve proved ourselves customer by customer, machine by machine for decades.

Can It Be Done?

The Assessment Team labors tirelessly to assist our customers in expanding the capabilities and effectiveness of their own internal maintenance organization. Services include the following:

  • Director level, on-site consultation, implementation, change agent
  • PM program development
  • Root cause technician training and troubleshooting
  • Machine tool assessments and corrective/rebuild project budgeting
  • Ball bar predictive analysis training
  • Maintenance organization analysis and staff development
  • Maintenance function assessments and comparison to world class maintenance organizations
  • Annual machine tool audits

Jupiter empowers both the senior management and the internal maintenance professionals with the know-how and equipment to directly improve their own machinery and organizational capability. All assessments are supported by technical reports plainly detailing objective results, explaining factual analyses, and making measurable, actionable recommendations.

Maximize Your Potential

The world’s best machine tool is only as good as the team that installed and calibrated it. If your hardware isn’t performing up to expectations, it’s time to bring in Jupiter.

Inspections: calibration, alignment, geometries, squareness, straightness, flatness, rotary

Laser Services: Sub arc-second leveling capability, flatness, machine squares, rotary calibration, geometry, electrical performance, accuracy, repeatability, CMM certification.

Ball Bar: Mechanical and electrical performance tests, check circular interpolation, check ballscrews, check backlash, squareness, servo mismatch, check looseness / fit, repair and PM planning.

Why Bother?

  • Helps prolong the usable life of your machining / automation assets
  • Provides longer uptime and improves mean time to failure intervals
  • Realize better throughput, higher productivity and higher quality product
  • Increase profitability and customer satisfaction

Broken down?
Call NOW: +1-309-342-9342

As we all know too well, the moment your machine tool stops cutting is the moment your business starts losing money. When a crisis hits, don’t wait until the next shift or workday to get help – call Jupiter immediately.

We burn the midnight oil so you don’t have to.

Move It & Improve It

Machine decommissioning and recommissioning is an important service for today’s flexible and fast-moving, adaptive industrial users.

Jupiter’s pre-move alignment and calibration assessment captures the current performance conditions of your machines. This becomes our benchmark for post-move evaluation. Without this valuable data, it is impossible to determine whether or not the machine move was successful. With Jupiter your machines will resume operating in the new location at the same performance level or better.

When it comes to heavily-used equipment, a poorly aligned and worn machine remains a poorly aligned and worn machine after the move unless corrective measures are taken beforehand. For this reason we offer the total service of decommissioning, rebuild / repair, recommissioning, final alignment and certification.

With Jupiter your relocation is not complete until the machine resumes full production.

Why Select Jupiter’s Relocation Services?

  • Moves occur on-time, in-time, every time
  • Production interruption start and end dates are accurately planned and agreed-upon beforehand
  • Your machinery’s pre-move performance is guaranteed to be met or exceeded post-move

What are you waiting for? Let’s get moving!

Succeed From The Start

If you don’t install it properly, the world’s best machine tool becomes nothing but an expensive disappointment.

From compact tapping centers to multi-spindle gantry mills with 150 feet of travel and everything in between, Jupiter’s done it before, done it the right way the first time, and ready anytime to do it again for you.

  • Need to customize a coolant tank and chip conveyor to squeeze your new machine into a tight space? That’s light work for these professionals.
  • Need to pour a deep foundation and install a 5-axis bridge mill in a temperature-controlled clean facility? We do it all the time.
  • Need to install ten VMCs in a matter of days to get a new plant up and running ASAP? No sweat for Jupiter’s team of experts.
  • Bought a roughed-up second-hand machine with no documentation for a long-dead brand and need someone to get it running again? Now you’re just getting us excited.

Install it once. Install it right. Install it with Jupiter.

Fast As Lightning

Get instantaneous service from top experts through our Thunderbolt Service program.

Jupiter provides every customer with state of the art augmented reality eyewear that allows our team to immediately begin viewing, discussing, and solving your service issue in real-time.

Eliminate guesswork. Our experts see what you see.

Most common problems can be solved in minutes at no additional cost, getting your machine tools back underway in less time than it takes our competitors to just call you back.

For challenges that do require on-site support, through the power of augmented reality Jupiter can identify the exact spare parts required to ensure that our field service team’s first visit is always their last visit.

We Can Rebuild It.
We Have The Technology.

Jupiter’s Design, Align, & Repair Team routinely upgrades and enhances the performance and productivity of machines by all manner of popular and lesser known manufacturers. For more than 30 year we’ve been modernizing, upgrading, retrofitting, redesigning and resolving uncountable machine tool, automation and robotics problems.



Redesign, retrofit or modification, complete repair or replacement, rewire.



Repair or Replacement, Relay (or hard) Logic: Redesign, retrofit or modification, complete troubleshoot, rewire



Draw bar testing and repair, general mechanical redesign, retrofit or modification, complete troubleshoot, repair or replacement.



Drive and Spindle motor redesign, retrofit or modification, complete repair or replacement, setup, alignment



Redesign, retrofit or modification, complete diagnostics or repair, re-plumb, valves, cylinders, pumps, filters and regulators



Redesign, retrofit or modification, complete diagnostics or repair, re-plumb, valves, pumps, filters and regulators.



Redesign, retrofit or mod, diagnostics or repair, re-plumb, valves, cylinders, filters / regulators / lubrication.



Redesign, retrofit or modification, complete repair or replacement, re-plumb, valves, pumps, filters and regulators.

Let’s Get Started

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