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Jupiter Machine Tool’s Application Engineering Division is ready and waiting to provide world-class manufacturing support to help your organization achieve its goals faster, more easily, and at lower cost. No challenge is too small or too large for our experts and every customer receives dedicated, personalized solutions uniquely crafted to suit their needs and budget.

Jupiter Application Engineering is not confined to Jupiter products. Our engineers have decades of experience crafting solutions for all manner of CNC and non-CNC manufacturing installations. From thermal control to tombstones, programming to professional training, the Application Engineering Division is at your service.

Asking the Core Question

When our application engineers begin assisting you, they always start with one simple question: what do you need to accomplish?

Many a customer has gotten half-way through a project and run into a barrier that they just can’t seem to break through. They become fixated on finding solutions to the immediate problem when in fact adjusting an overlooked variable earlier in the production process will remove the barrier entirely.

So we start at the beginning: what do you need to accomplish?

Once this is clear, our engineers will assess the available manufacturing equipment for performance compliance, measure and document the production environmental variables, and create a prioritized plan of action for getting you to your goal.

No Challenge Too Small

Job shops seldom make use of application engineering despite its enormous potential impact on their bottom line for one simple reason: they’re afraid of the cost.

And they’re right! Most companies will only offer the entire solutions enchilada when all you need is an appetizer!

But not Jupiter.

We know job shops are the under appreciated heart of manufacturing, and nothing makes us more excited than seeing a shop begin to grow after collaborating with our team. We will examine your challenge and always provide strictly the help required – no fluff, no filler.

There are many avenues for improving your manufacturing capability besides simply acquiring new hardware, and we’re ready to stand behind you every step of the way.

We have proven, experienced application experts standing by to help you with all of the following areas and more:

  • Application Review

  • CAD Creation

  • CNC Programming

  • Cutting Tool Selection

  • Machine Tool Selection

  • Workholding & Fixture Design

  • Definition of Mid-Process Inspection Points & Benchmarks

  • Cycle Time Determination

  • Machine Tool Setup

  • Machine Tool Operation & Maintenance

  • Metrology

Contact Jupiter Machine Tool’s Application Engineering Division today and prepare to be amazed!

No Challenge Too Large

“Do or do not. There is no try.” The bigger the stage, the more excited we are to perform. Jupiter Machine Tool’s application engineers have decades of experience providing end-to-end turnkey manufacturing solutions for a wide variety of multinational corporations.

Sit back and relax while Jupiter’s Application Engineering Division:

  • develops and refines your product concept
  • determines the cycle times and manufacturing costs
  • selects, installs, and configures all necessary equipment, tooling, and accessories
  • leads the initial run-off and proves the solution is to-spec
  • trains your staff to faultlessly implement the manufacturing plan
  • remains on-site to monitor initial results after production hand-over

Any or all of the above support areas are just a phone call or email away. Reach out to us today and let us help you craft a better tomorrow!

The Proof is in the Metrology

For Jupiter’s Application Engineering Division no project is complete until the parts are proven to-spec in our QC lab on our top-of-the-line metrology equipment.

Jupiter also offers completely confidential and secure workpiece verification for companies that require additional resources or equipment to meet their metrology needs.

Hardware & Software

Jupiter Machine Tool’s own CNC products are just one small part of our application design portfolio. We have decades of experience providing all manner of support for applications and equipment across the industry.

Let’s Get Started

Tell us a little about your situation and one of our application engineers will get to work.